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Heavy Oil/Bitumen to Diesel Pilot Test Video 2015

Posted by Bayshore Petroleum Corp. on Monday, November 9, 2015

Third Party Validation Test

Bitumen To Diesel

Pilot Test Video

Bitumen To Diesel


Bayshore is cooperating with China to expand the heavy oil / oilsand upgrading technology opportunity using a proprietary catalyst in North America and worldwide. The process using a proprietary catalyst will convert raw oilsand / heavy oil into diesel fuel light oil, synthetic gas and clean sand/coke. The process can be operated at normal pressure through low temperature heating. Laboratory tests on Canadian heavy crude oil/bitumen, Athabasca oil sands and oil sands from other countries have been conducted and received excellent oil and gas yield. The heavy oil scale up test at the pilot plant in Beijing has also come out consistent result, which means that the process can proceed to commercialization. 

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CCC Technology

Bitumen Partial Upgrading to Synthetic Crude Oil--Just by Adding Catalyst

Posted by Bayshore Petroleum Corp. on Friday, November 6, 2015

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Partial Upgrading

Bitumen To Synthetic Crude Oil

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