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Our Team

Mr. Peter Ho, CEO

​Mr. Ho is a professional engineer and has worked in international companies such as BP, Texaco, Kerr McGee and TransCanada Pipelines.  With over 35 years of oil/gas industry experience in North America, China, Middle East, and Asia, Mr. Ho has extensive experience establishing and managing companies located in Hong Kong, Canada, and other jurisdictions.  Mr. Ho has strong relationships with key international energy players, including SOEs in China such as PetroChina and CNPC.  He has been involved in numerous heavy oil,  oil sands, and unconventional resource projects in Canada and China for the past 20 years.

Mr. Lance Mierendorf, CFO

A Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant with over 20 years of experience in the domestic and international oil and gas industry working for both public and private energy companies.  Mr. Mierendorf was successful in raising debt and equity to fund growth of oil and gas exploration and development operations in East Africa and specializes the junior to mid sized energy space.  Prior to joining Bayshore, Mr. Mierendorf was CFO of a London and Oslo listed company having operations in East Africa and CFO for a junior Canadian listed company with operations in Iraq.   

Dr. Janusz Grabowski (Independent Senior Technical Advisor)

Dr. Janusz Grabowski is experienced petroleum engineering expert with more than 30 years industrial and academic experience specializing in reservoir and production simulation. Dr. Grabowski provides technical expertise to spearhead the partial upgrading technology for Bayshore and has also introduced different innovative technologies that are essential to the environmental and energy security.


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