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Mr. Peter Ho, Professional Petroleum Engineer, Canada
Mr. Ho is the Chairman and CEO of Bayshore Petroleum Corp, a consultant with over 30 years of oil / gas industry experience in North America, China, Middle East and Asia. He is a registered professional Engineer and once worked in Multinational companies such as BP, Texaco, Kerr McGee and TransCanada Pipelines. Mr. Ho has been involved in setting up a public company in Hong Kong, Canada and has strong relationship with PetroChina, China United Coalbed Methane Corp. and many other international oil/gas companies. He was also involved in numerous oil/gas and CBM projects in China for the past 15 years.

Mark Roth, Canada
Mr. Roth is the president and CFO of Bayshore Petroleum Corporation, once the CFO and Director to two previous public companies in Canada and three companies in China. Mr. Roth has originated capital and managed companies in Canada and globally for 17 years. He was a Business Unit Manager and Senior Energy Account Executive with RBC Bank in Calgary. Mr. Roth has financed numerous companies in many industries, concentrating in energy, debt and equity financing, M&A, and asset analysis.
Mr. Ivan Chan, Enterpreneur
Mr. Chan has been involved in his family's Financial management business Dutfield Group for the past 25 years. Dutfield group has been involved in numerous financing activities, deal making, business development in Hong Kong, China, USA, Canada and other countries and has been successfully secured millions of funding to prospective clients. Mr. Chan will connect Bayshore to the vast funding sources in China, Hong Kong and Europe to expand Bayshore's financial goal.

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