CCC Technology--Bitumen to Diesel

The pyrolysis based reaction by adding a small fraction of liquid CCC catalyst and react with Heavy Oil/Bitumen at a temperature not over 420 degree C and atmospheric pressure will yield diesel equivalent fuel oil, synthetic gas and coke.

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CCC Partial Upgrading--Bitumen to Synthetic Crude OIl

The innovative partial upgrading technology using advanced catalyst technology and partial react with Heavy Oil/Bitumen that contains large molecules and changes the physical property of the mixture into flowable oil and reduces the density and viscosity.


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​​About Bayshore Petroleum Corp.

Bayshore is a Calgary, Alberta based corporation focused on the exploitation of advanced technology that increases the productivity and profitability of conventional and unconventional oil.  Bayshore is in the initial stages of developing strategic relationships with technology partners and planning the implementation of pilot testing of technology in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  A process the Company calls Cold catalytic Cracking (CCC) enables the full and partial upgrading of heavy crude oil and bitumen directly into diesel or flowable oil. New technology in utilizing mechanical and chemical process to release residual oil from trapped tight water filled reservoir is also exploited. Billions of conventional and unconventional oil can be developed with these new technologies.