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CCC Technology--Bitumen to Diesel

CCC Techonology Pilot Test

Heavy Oil/Bitumen to Diesel Pilot Test Video 2015

Posted by Bayshore Petroleum Corp. on Monday, November 9, 2015
CCC Technology

Bitumen Partial Upgrading to Synthetic Crude Oil--Just by Adding Catalyst

Posted by Bayshore Petroleum Corp. on Friday, November 6, 2015

Partial Upgrading--Bitumen to Synthetic Crude OIl

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​​About Bayshore Petroleum Corp.

Bayshore is a Calgary, Alberta based corporation focused on the exploitation of technology that increases the productivity and profitability of heavy oil and bitumen. Cold catalytic Cracking (CCC) enables the upgrading of heavy crude oil and bitumen directly into diesel. This technology, and other technologies such as desulphurization using ultrasonic oxidation, increase the sales price quality adjustment, reduce the need for diluent and other costs in the transportation of heavy oil or dilbit, and expedite the end to end process of delivering fuels to the downstream user.